Ministry Opportunities

Acolyte Ministry

Acolytes contribute to the St. Clement’s community through service at our services throughout the year. Starting at about age ten, our acolytes begin contributing to the church through their participation in the worship service. Through their service, they not only help the rector and the congregation by assisting in the service, but they also develop their own leadership skills and confidence. Both adults and youths can serve. We are always in need of more acolytes, so we would like to invite anyone to become involved in this important facet of our church community.


Our purpose is to be visible and available, to assist the Rector and members of the congregation during the services.


We arrive early to greet and hand out bulletins, keeping an eye out for visitors.  We stand ready to help anyone needing assistance on arrival, or in finding their seat for the service.  We collect the offering and assist with the orderly flow of the Communion pattern.  And, of course, we stand ready to perform any other duties requested by the Rector in order to help smooth out the entire flow of the service.


If you feel you will need assistance in going up to the Altar Rail for Communion, just inform one of the Ushers, and we’ll be happy to assist.  Or, if it would be best for you to have the Communion Sacraments be brought to you where you sit, just let one of us know. If you would like to join our team, please just let us know.

Altar Guild

The Altar guild has continued to maintain the Altar vestments, and supplies.  Responsibilities are for one Sunday a month and requests for volunteers for special occasions as well as holy days. 

Prayer Shawl

The Prayer Shawl ministry is a gathering of a small group of ladies. We meet every Tuesday at 10 AM in the parish hall. During that time we knit, talk and laugh. It is a great group and you do not have to know how to knit to join this fun and diverse group. We continue to make prayer shawls and lap blankets for those in need of comfort and healing. Please do not hesitate to request a shawl or take one from our supply. All the shawls have been blessed by Mother Jamie. God's love and prayers are woven in with each stitch. During Advent, we will continue the tradition of placing angels on the Christmas tree in memory of individuals who have died during the year. At the end of the holiday season, family members may take the angel home. 

Pastoral Care

A vital part of what we do as a community of faith is to feed each other.  Many times this is literal, in the form of meals delivered following a surgery or long term illness—or providing refreshments at a funeral reception.  Other times this feeding is spiritual and emotional, with the notes and cards and visits that are given to mark birthdays, anniversaries, and particularly the first anniversary following the death of a loved one.  Still more feeding happens environmentally, with plants and flowers that are given in memory of loved ones, many of which have been replanted. We consider the way we care for each other through life’s joys and sorrows to be a hallmark of what it means to be a parish of loving friends.

Men's Group

The St. Clement’s “Men’s Group” meets every Saturday morning from 8-10 AM. The group began and is structured around the Cursillo Reunion Group model.  Because the initial members were male, the group eventually acquired the “Men’s Group” moniker.   The discussion is a round-robin format where each member shares thoughts and experiences in the areas of Piety (a moment closest to Christ), Study (reading) and Action (putting our faith into action). In addition to the weekly sharing sessions, the men’s group sponsors several activities over the course of the year.... chili supper, Shrove Tuesday pancake supper, “End of Summer” parish picnic, and the annual Shrimp Dinner. The Men's Group is open to all the men of the parish and we are always open for more members to join our ranks.

Women’s Prayer Group

Meets every Thursday morning from 11 am-noon and is open to all women of the parish. This group of women meet for discussion and prayer.



Meets every other month for an informal, social gathering and is open to all adult women of the parish and their guests for a "Girls’ Night Out" type of dinner outing.  


Costco Dinner Parties

Meets periodically on a Saturday evening. This is a casual and fun get together where each person/couple brings a heavy appetizer or dessert and their own beverage and is hosted in a member’s home.

St. Clement's Episcopal Church

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