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Established 1985                                            

In response to a stated objective of the 1985 Diocesan Convention, Rev. Dudley Colhoun rector of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Winston-Salem formed a committee to assess the possibility of a new Episcopal church in the western part of Forsyth County.  The committee sent a letter to members of the Forsyth County Episcopal churches who were living in the Clemmons-Lewisville area inviting them to a meeting on April 21 ,l985.  Ninety five families were invited, and from those who attended a steering group was appointed.


During that summer, the steering group found a place to have services and a commitment from local clergy for a trial four Sundays in September.  The success of the month long trial justified regular weekly services being held thereafter.  Vogler’s Funeral Home graciously allowed the use of their Clemmons chapel for the purpose.


For nearly nine years, until April 1994, when the present building was completed, the group continued to meet in the Vogler’s Chapel  As the group grew, it adopted the name of St. Clement’s of Alexandria, but those days are still referred to laughingly as St. Vogler’s.


In Sept 1987 the vestry took an option  to buy the 5 acre parcel of land on Harper Road on which St. Clement’s now stands.  Exactly two years later, after innumerable fund raisers, the option was exercised, and St. Clement’s became the owner of the land.


The still small but active and enthusiastic congregation felt ready to take on the responsibility of a building.  The needs of the congregation were studied before the architect, Aubrey Kirby, was chosen. Mr. Kirby had designed the Vogler Chapel to reflect the Moravian architecture in the area. These details are reflected in our building as well, reminding us of the good feelings the congregation felt for the Vogler period.


In August 1993 the present  building was begun and was finished in April 1994.  As the parish grew, many families from eastern Davie County joined, expanding the notion of a western Forsyth County parish to include eastern Davie County.

The small group that began came to know each other.  Our congregation still believes that members of the parish should be a church family as expressed in the present Mission Statement.


Since November 2009, the Rev. Jamie Edwards has served as rector of  St. Clement’s.  All are welcome to our worship.



St. Clement's Episcopal Church

Clemmons, NC

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